Personal Training at Gosling Sports park


The best way to achieve results is to make healthy sustainable lifestyle choices, what a better way to learn this through personal training.




Why Personal Training?

Our personal trainers can take you from where you are to where you what to be through progressive challenging programs which will improve your body composition, health outcomes, strength or sport. Your strengths, weaknesses and fitness levels will be continuously measured whilst motivated through setting goals. All the while learning other aspects of health, wellness and nutrition guidelines.




Choosing a Personal Trainer

When Selecting your trainer you should base it on your specific needs, goals, physical or health restrictions, sport,  time restrictions, motivation, inspiration.


If you need support in choosing a Personal Trainer you can contact the fitness manager below, he can guide you in the selection process. Alternatively you could choose the trainer that has inspired you most on the gym floor.


Natalie Sutton
Alex Scholes

Sammie Williams
James Turnbull

Dave Airey
Danny Sanderson

Julie Spink
Mike Kent
Devon Moore
Devon Moore
Mike Bourne

Devon Moore
Stacy Chew



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